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Premarital Therapy


Great marriages are borne from intentionality.            

What do I mean? Simply put, great marriages occur when we put intentional work into loving our partners well. One excellent way to do that is to invest in premarital therapy.

In premarital therapy I use a program called PREPARE/ENRICH in combination with Emotionally Focused Therapy to help couples gain a deeper knowledge of their relationship's strengths and growth points. We also explore subjects such as family backgrounds, conflict styles, and other potential issues that could impede upon your goal of having the kind of marriage you envision.

Pre-marital therapy consists of weekly sessions lasting 75 minutes. Typically, this type of therapy is short term (8-10 sessions), though at times more sessions are therapeutically indicated.


Premarital Therapy Packages


Option 1: Four Session Package

Investment: $975 all included

  • Prepare/Enrich Assessment ($35 value)

    • discover your relationship strengths and growth areas

  • Enneagram Assessment ($50 value)

    • build deeper relationship compatibility and empathy

  • Four 75 minute counseling sessions (valued at $250/session)

    • explore 3-4 topics in depth

Option 2: Eight Session Package

Investment: $1775 all included

  • Prepare/Enrich Assessment ($35 value)

  • Enneagram Assessment ($50 value)

  • Conflict Patterns

    • Discover your relational conflict styles

    • Learn how to engage conflict in a way that brings you closer

  • Eight 75 minute counseling sessions (valued at $250/session)

    • explore 6-7 topics in depth


Option 3: Customized Package

Investment: $250/75 minute session, assessments included

  • Prepare/Enrich Assessment

  • Enneagram Assessment

  • Conflict Patterns/tools

  • Customized session amount and length

  • Explore any topic in as much depth as you need

  • Resource recommendations and further reading

  • Take home worksheets/exercises

Topics Include:

  1. Effective Communication

  2. Personal Values (incl. spiritual)

  3. Finances

  4. Roles/Responsibilities

  5. Lifestyle/Habits

  6. Sex/Intimacy

  7. Family & Friends

  8. Triggers/Reactivity

  9. Parenting

  10. Career

  11. Insert your topic here