Learn to reach for the people you love. Nothing grows people like love. When we are loved, we blossom.
— Sue Johnson

Couples Therapy


The relationships that we have with our partners are a powerful force in our lives. Few things feel better than when we believe we are heard, seen, and known by that person. On the other hand, few things feel worse than when we feel missed, ignored, or that we cannot count on our partner.

Within the context of a safe and caring space that I provide, I help couples identify relational patterns and emotions that increase distress and conflict, and guide them in grounded, honest interactions around those patterns and emotions. My goal is to help enable couples to become more deeply connected and to safely reach for and be met by one another. To this end, I have special training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a research-validated approach for couples wanting to increase intimacy and closeness.

I typically work with couples in weekly sessions lasting 75 minutes.

Want to deepen your relationship?

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